The DOG HOTEL RESORT offers workshops and animations to the canine cafe for you and your animal, to better know you and live together

The DOG HOTEL RESORT invites you throughout the year to various activities around your pet, to learn more about his expectations and to live with him so that you like him are happier. These animations and these courses are given by qualified and recognized professionals, in particular of the association “Our animals speak to us“, specialized in the creation of animations and activities specially dedicated to the animals and their masters.

You will find workshops on a variety of topics. Like: “how to properly care for your dog (or cat)”. You will also learn to discover animal osteopathy with a qualified professional.

You can do a two-day canine first aid course. It will help you to know the anxiety-provoking situations for your companion, to learn to anticipate them and to know how to manage them for example. It is divided into a theoretical day and a practical day, separated by one week. A training course in dog training, sport and utility is also offered. It will allow you to better know your companion, his physical abilities and to know how to prepare him physically for example.

For those hesitating to choose an animal, workshops will also be organized to teach you everything you need to know to choose your pet. As well as to prepare his coming so that he feels the best and be as happy as possible upon his arrival. You can also be photographed with your companion by a professional photographer to keep a sumptuous memory of this day, which will remain forever etched in your memory.

Finally, for people wishing to register their dog for dog shows and competitions, you can come and listen to the advice of a professional to teach you everything you need to know.