The DOG HOTEL RESORT offers many conferences in the canine cafe throughout the year to teach you to better know and live better with your pet

The DOG HOTEL RESORT promotes and promotes the well-being of animals, as well as that of their masters. With this in mind, the DOG HOTEL RESORT team offers you numerous animal conferences during the year. These will allow you to know more about your animal, for his education, to know him better and thus to allow you to live better with him, respecting his nature, so that you like him are happy and flourishing together.

The conferences offered by the DOG HOTEL RESORT address a wide variety of topics and may be of interest to any dog or cat owner. But they are not alone as conferences are also dedicated to future owners or those who hesitate to take the step and adopt an animal. Thus, they will be able to come to take all the information and the advice which they will need to better accommodate their animal and that he and his masters are perfectly satisfied.

You will be able to attend conferences on sporty dogs, which will teach you how the canine body works and how to best prepare it for the sport of your faithful companion. You will also have the right to a presentation of canine osteopathy to familiarize yourself with this technique of care to relieve many animals of their structural problems.

Conferences specially adapted for new owners are set up to teach them how to properly maintain and care for their companions so that all are happy.

Finally you can attend a conference on the theme of Bach flowers. Plant known for its virtues for humans, but also works on cats and dogs. You will learn the benefits of this flower through this conference.