You don’t want to upset your pet’s routines?

Then house calls are what you need.


We come to your home to meet you and your dog or your cat. We then provide a free quote based on the number of visits, walks and any other services required and their rates.


When we come to your house, we will of course check your pet to make sure that everything is fine. We pet your animal and a major portion of the visit is spent playing, if that is what your four-legged friend wishes. When we visit, we will:

  • fill the water bowl,
  • fill the food bowl with the food you have provided,
  • take animals out so they can relieve themselves,
  • clean the litterbox,
  • provide all the other services that you have requested: brushing, ear cleaning, administering medication, opening shutters and picking up mail, etc.

The instructions you provide will be followed to a T. All visits last an average of 30 minutes.

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