Socializing and stimulating your dog with games and activities

The DOG HOTEL RESORT center has a covered playroom and an outdoor
park with play equipment.

Whether it’s for a day or a longer stay, your dog will enjoy the center’s equipment whatever the weather!

The Dog Hotel Resort has an obstacle course that includes:

  • tunnels,
  • jumps,
  • a balance bridge,
  • a ball pit,
  • games and more.

The swimming pool and the underwater treadmill are available dogs
who are bursting with energy!

The team of professionals of the establishment will be able to monitor the dogs and guide them if they are fearful to allow them to fully enjoy their stay at the DOG HOTEL RESORT. Nothing will be left to chance and you will be assured that your pet will be in the best conditions during your absence. You can choose to leave your dog a day or the time of a long stay knowing that he will enjoy a perfectly adapted environment that will allow him to awake in all serenity. The relationship between you and your pet will only be better since it will be happy and fulfilled when you return.

The swimming pool and the submerged carpet are at the disposal of the dogs who overflow of energy!

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