Your Dog Hotel Resort offers a pet transport service!

What is it?

Do not have time to drop off your pet for a weekend or vacation? We take care of your dog and / or cat directly to your home and we bring it back to you when you return.

You are hospitalized, unable to drive, you do not have a vehicle, you have an appointment with the veterinarian, you are immobilized at your home, do not hesitate, the DOG HOTEL RESORT takes care of everything!

Our animal transport service allows you to leave and stay away with peace of mind. Do not feel guilty about leaving your pet alone for a short or long time.

A call and we take care of the organization in every detail of the transport of your cat or your dog back and forth between the DOG HOTEL RESORT and your home.
It will enjoy a comfortable and safe journey thanks to our fully adapted, air-conditioned vehicle, equipped to meet the standards in force for the transport of live animals. The journey of your companion will be done in comfort and regulatory safety.

Your companion will be taken care of upon arrival at our 3000 m² resort by our team of qualified professionals. Thus your animal will be able to take advantage of the unique facilities of the DOG HOTEL RESORT or of its services of lodging, grooming and hydro-practice. He will also have the possibility according to your request, to enjoy games with other animals under the supervision of the team of caring and experienced people. Strolls to occupy him will also be proposed so that it is spent in a healthy environment.

Your companion will then be comfortably brought back home according to your conditions and your preferences. Your pet will be happy and soothed when you return so that you can fully enjoy him, without his over-energy becoming a complication.

As you can see, our pet transport service is available to bring your pet to the DOG HOTEL RESORT for a day or for a few hours in daycare, games room, or other services offered by the establishment. But also at the vet, train station, airport or other …

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