The team of DOG HOTEL RESORT welcomes you with your dog in its Canine Café for magical moments and unforgettable animations in a friendly and adapted place

Bring your faithful companion for a moment that you and he will enjoy with the DOG HOTEL RESORT Canine Café. This place specially dedicated to the comfort of dogs and their masters welcomes you for an entertainment that you will enjoy both.

In this place, you will be able to come to spend a moment of relaxation, with its space of rest. But you will also meet and exchange with other masters around your passion for animals or any other subject. At the same time, your companion can have fun, socialize and flourish with other dogs.

But that’s not all, since events, such as workshops and animations will be offered to you so that you as your companion amused you, learned and you flourished together. This will also allow you to tighten your relationship with your pet so that your relationship is even better. If you are rather cats, do not worry, specially dedicated days for you and your pet will be organized so that they too can flourish and play with their peers, always for the purpose of blooming, socialize and develop their skills in society.

The animations of the Café Canin organized by the team of the DOG HOTEL RESORT are realized in partnership with “Our animals speak to us“, an association, specialized in the setting up of animations specially adapted for the cats and the dogs, so that those they have the best.

Do not hesitate and come check the calendar of events on the DOG HOTEL RESORT website, to register and participate in these very pleasant days and that will allow you to weld a little more your links with your faithful companion.

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