With the dog training courses offered by the DOG HOTEL RESORT team, learn to take advantage of all the skills of your dog or your cat for its comfort

The education of your dog is an essential step for his comfort and well-being in society. It will allow you to improve its living conditions in everyday life and will allow your pet to be happy by adopting the behavior appropriate to each situation.

With the DOG HOTEL RESORT, you will be able to teach your dog all the basic orders, the foot rest, the different positions and the leash, so that your dog is disciplined and your relationship is pleasant. At the DOG HOTEL RESORT, the place given to the education of the dogs is very important and is based on innovative and respectful techniques of the animal.

LThe technique used for education is based on a positive method and respecting the canine organization, to strengthen your relationship with your dog. This means that you will not use food as a reward that disturbs the dog, moving from submissive during exercise to dominant when it has access to food. You will also not use violence, cries, electrical stimulation or choke collars that would hurt your companion.

Animal education courses are conducted with you and your dog and can be done individually or in groups. The goal is to teach you the techniques and the basics for you to educate yourself your pet knowing what attitude and what actions to adopt so that you can realize yourself the education of your companion. Dogs taking these courses should be vaccinated and antiparasitic for obvious health reasons. The bitches in heat are also not always accepted for obvious reasons of problems that they would cause with the other dogs.

In the event of inclement weather education courses continue, the center is equipped with a covered games room.

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