With the Dog Wash service, enjoy the professional equipment of the DOG HOTEL RESORT to wash and spend a privileged time with your pet

What the DOG HOTEL RESORT team offers you with its Dog Wash system is a self-service bath. You will be able to come to use professional equipment, totally adapted to your pet to come to wash it in a professional way and that the time is nice for both of you, which will solder even more your links

Gone are the inadequate bathroom problems where your dog slips, where you have to kneel before your bathtub to wash your pet. With Dog-Wash, enjoy a professional grooming space where everything is thought for the comfort of your companion and yours.

No matter the size of your dog, the Dog Wash space will be adapted and will offer you the best benefits for its comfort to be total. The Dog Wash is placed at man’s height, which means that you will not have to bend down, but especially that you will be a few centimeters from your dog to reassure him if he has a fearful character. If this is the case, washing your companion yourself will bring him comfort and serenity that nobody else can bring him.

Within the Dog Wash grooming, you will also benefit from quality dryers and professional performance to prevent your pet from getting cold. They are also silent, always for its comfort. On the sanitary level, here too you will not have to worry, indeed, the grooming Dog Wash and all the accessories there are cleaned thoroughly by our team to be totally healthy.

With the Dog Wash, rediscover the pleasure of spending a privileged time with your pet, you will be less stressed and it too, for a moment of play and affection that will bring you even closer to your companion.

Discover this formula that facilitates your daily life and reconciles your dog with shampoo!

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