Leave your dog or cat in the hands of the professional team of the grooming salon of the DOG HOTEL RESORT, and find it clean and well in its hair!

Thanks to their experience, diplomas and passion, the DOG HOTEL RESORT team will know exactly how to look after your perfect four-legged companion. So it will spend a pleasant time and you will find a beautiful and happy animal after its passage to the grooming salon of DOG HOTEL RESORT.

There are many services available at the grooming salon. You can choose to simply wash, brush, detangle and even cut to make your dog or cat perfect when you return from the DOG HOTEL RESORT.

Everything is thought through in the smallest detail in the establishment so that the comfort of your pet is total and that it passes a pleasant moment that will cause him no stress. The bathtub or will be washed your pet is raised and has an access ramp so that it can go back without stress. Likewise, the hairdressing and drying table is electrically mobile to allow a calm and peaceful installation. Dryers are very effective to allow quick drying and prevent your pet from getting cold, they are also silent not to cause it additional stress. With all this your pet will spend a very pleasant time in our grooming salon and you will be assured to get a professional work and focused on the well-being of your companion.

But your comfort is also taken into account by the DOG HOTEL RESORT team. While your dog or cat gets dressed up, you can wait for him in the canine coffee area and enjoy a drink in an environment dedicated to our four-legged friends, so that you also have a pleasant time.

A properly groomed animal is a happy animal, at the DOG HOTEL RESORT we understood it !

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