Dog Hotel Resort: It’s not just for dogs!

The Dog Hotel Resort is not reserved for dogs. Even if the ground floor is reserved for them, the floor is strictly dedicated to felines.

Dog Hotel Resort: A top-of-the-range urban feline pension

We offer to keep your cats safe. The catteries are partitioned rooms, isolated with windows, air-conditioned or heated depending on the season. They are equipped with cat trees, sofas and various furniture accessible to cats to relax, jump, play, hide… An exclusive activity is offered to them: see the dogs in the relaxation park through the window! Canitélé live!

Logistics side:

We provide the litter with a choice according to your cat’s preferences: toilet houses, closed or open air litter boxes. We also have several types of litter.

Our catteries are individual and if there are several cats together, they belong to the same family. We play it individually and safety for the cats. The animal’s food must be provided, which allows eating habits to be maintained and digestive disturbances to be avoided. We have water dispensers or fountains. Of course you can bring personal belongings to reassure him and find the family cocoon.

Cats are visited a minimum of 3 times a day: filling the food and water bowls, cleaning the litter boxes, hugs and games are on the menu.

Optionally, you can also opt for a grooming (videos and photos on request)

We can also pick up your cat and bring it back to your home thanks to our animal transport service.

On the administrative side, your cats must be identified, vaccinated, dewormed and anti-parasite up to date to come on vacation at the Dog Hotel Resort.
Making an appointment is essential to come and visit the catteries.
If we are out of space or your cat does not feel well removed from its territory, we also have a home visit service in the Greater Orleans area.

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