Qualified staff who are passionate about dogs and cats of all breeds

Angélique GRANGAN, founder & director of Dog Hotel Resort. A former pharmaceutical representative, she has always loved canines.

As well as a year of training at the CEEPHAO in Nantes under Mr. Patrick Ledoeuff in the positive reinforcement dog training method, she has also earned the following qualifications:

  • Technical Certificate for Domestic Animals from the CFA de Belley in the Rhône-Alpes region
  • Aquatherapist certificate from CANEDEN with Ms. Carine Carre, who provides the French equivalent of THE UK reference in hydrotherapy, Greyfriars
  • A second certificate in aqua-exercise from VETOKINESIS with veterinary doctor Valérie Guigardet, specialized in functional re-education, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for dogs and cats

With a certificate (Certificat de Capacité N° 045-235) to work with pets, she has taken several courses in canine rescue.. (Nos animaux nous parlent, Vétokinésis, Caneden).

She has also personally taken part in canine rescue simulations and water exercises at the Club Français du Chien Terre Neuve Landseer with her trusty companion Ergot, an 80 kilo Newfoundland.